Hanson Bridgett
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Please click "Begin Test" to test the connection between your PC and Hanson Bridgett.

If there is a significant difference between the recommended results and the results you receive, consider connecting your PC directly to your router and running the test again. If there is still a large difference, it is highly suggested that you consider contacting your Internet Provider and purchasing a faster plan.

This test works on Windows Operating Systems and MAC OS with Flash.
Download Speed

Speed from Hanson Bridgett to your PC

Recommended: Above 2 Mbps
Upload Speed

Speed from your PC to Hanson Bridgett

Recommended: Above 1 Mbps

Speed that it takes a packet of data to make the roundtrip from your PC to Hanson Bridgett and back

Recommended: Below 100 ms

The variance between successive Latency tests. Zero Jitter = Identical results every time

Recommended:Below 10% of Latency